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One in fifty of the UK population suffer from rheumatoid arthritis alone. This does not include rheumatic arthritis,
osteo-arthritis, and others.
Many people think it is a disease without hope, as one paper puts it, ” the cause is unknown and there is no cure.”
As practitioners of Chinese Medicine, we take a different View. Rheumatoid arthritis and all other types of arthritis are controllable and reducible if not completely curable.

Necessity of Medical Treatment

Appropriate medical care is definitely needed for all arthritis victims no matter how light or severe the case. The deterioration of the condition and especially one’s health can be very quick if the arthritis is left uncared for. It can cause muscular astrophy, deformities, inability to flex and extend the joint and in some cases can lead to impairment in the use of the joint. Cardiovascular damage, especially heart damage, is oils usually help to relieve the pain, stiffness and swelling. also possible in some cases.
Long experience reveals a lack of appropriate medical attention in many cases. Relatively few arthritis patients would have the uncontrolled pain, numbness and limitation of the affected joints which can develop into crippling deformity if they had been treated earlier and regularly by effective techniques.

The Role of Chinese Medicine

Alternative medicine often finds a role in the treatment of arthritis. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been clinically demonstrated and accepted by the public as an effective approach to this disease. In TCM arthritis falls into the category of “arthralgia-symdrome (A.S.), which is usually differentiated into wandering, painful, fixed or heat A.S. according to the related pathogenic factors. Both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be used to tackle these conditions individually. Acupuncture and aromatic Usually, a swift improvement in joint movement can be observed.
Herbal medicine is always tailored to each individual case, so unusual or severe cases will receive appropriate treatment. Both traditional and new patent herb formulas are very effective, and I use these in my practice. Over the years my general feeling is that in the early stages of the disease, the symptoms can be controlled quickly, which may lead to the arrest of the process. In the later stages, the pain, stiffness, numbness and swelling can be dramatically reduced. In addition, the deformity of the joints can be controlled, if skilled and careful treatment is given.

Care for Yourself

In TCM, it is thought that arthritis is closely related to cold, wind and dampness. It is not uncommon that some people feel sore joints and pain after sleeping on the floor without an appropriate insulation layer. Some patients get arthritis because of not keeping warm in the cold environment. In general, it is advisable to keep warm and to be away from dampness and cold water. A special Chinese herbal ointment can be used daily to warm and relax muscle and joints, and to relieve aching and stiffness.