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One in ten British men suffer from impotency. It is manifested as an inability to have an erection of the penis or lack of copulative power in males.

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) the kidney is the key organ in performing the sexual activity. Impotence is in most cases due to insufficiency of the kidney. There are many reasons for this, such as stress, overwork, anxiety, oversex, kidney disease, inappropriate diet, etc.
TCM classifies the kidney into two parts: The Yin of the kidney, – its material structure, including it’s essence of life and the Yang of the kidney – its function and heat. The essence of life is stored in the kidney and Qi of the kidney is produced by the kidneys essence of life.
The earliest classical Chinese medical book, the Huang Di Neijing, points out “Kidney Qi is the material basis on which the human body grows, develops and reproduces.” For example, milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth and hair grows longer when girls are seven years old and boys when they are eight. This is because the Qi of the kidney is getting richer and richer. At the time when they reach the age of puberty, the Qi of the kidney reaches its peak. This caused their bodies to produce a substance called “Tian Kui” in TCM. This Substance not only promotes the development of sperm in boys, but also the discharge of eggs and menstruation in girls. The sexual function is perfected gradually until at last the ability to reproduce is fully developed. In old age, the Qi of the kidney becomes weak, which causes sexual functions and reproductive abilities to become ever weaker and disappear, usually 64 years
old for men.

Common types of syndrome.

Insufficiency of kidney-Yang
Symptoms: impotence, dizziness, tinnitus, soreness in the loins and knees, lustless complexion, pale tongue with white coating, deep thready pulse.
(Yang insufficiency happens more to old age groups)

Tonify kidney yang

Wu Zi Yan Zhong Wan:
She Chuan Zi 10g, Gou Qi Zi 10g
Tu Si Zi 10g, Wu Wei Zi 6g, Yin Yang Hu 10g, He Shou Wu 30g, Ren Shen 6g, Yuan Zhi6g, Gan Cao 3g.

Qi Yang Zhi Shen Dan:
Shi Di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu, Yuan Zhi, Ba Ji Tian, Rou Chong Rong, Rou Gui, Ren Shen Gou Qi, Fu Shen, Du Zhong, Bai Zhu.

Insufficiency of kidney -Yin
Symptoms: Impotence, Semi emission, irritability, night sweats, backache, dizziness, tinnitus, red tongue with little or no coating, thready and rapid pulse.

Nourish the kidney yin essence

Apart from receiving treatment, it is always wise to regularly take some tonics to strengthen the kidney. When young, one can enjoy a sex life without exhausting the kidneys, when reaching that so called age of forty, it can improve and prolong one’s sex life. One may easily find out that ancient Chinese emperors all had to have some special herbal formulae for enriching kidney and sex life because of their life style.
The following are some patent formulae which have properties for tackling these problems

Shen Rong Bian Wan
Formulated with Ren Shen, Du Zhong, Ba Ji Tian, and many other renowned Chinese herbs, it is acclaimed as a high quality tonic for general health and a rich kidney Yang tonic.
Nan Vao, Bao Jian Zhuang Yang Wan, Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan, Chun She Fen (She Bian Xing),
Zheng Zhong Zhong Gu Meng Nan, etc.
Dietary measures are always recommend for their ease of access and viability. People say, “Chinese Chives are king among vegetables as far as reinforcement of kidney Yang is concerned.”

Porridge with Chinese Chives
Made with 30 to 60 grams of fresh Chinese chives and 60 g round-grained rice as well as a tiny bit of salt, can be taken once in the morning and once in the evening. It replenishes the kidney, invigorating Yang and arresting emission.

Stir fried Chinese Chives with Walnut Kernel
Made with walnut kernel 60g, Chinese chive stems 250g, sesame oil 30g. Taken as a normal dish with bread or rice, it replenishes Yin and invigorates Yang, warming and recuperating the kidney Qi.
Lamb is also widely claimed as a tonic substance for the kidney. Porridge with lamb and Desertiliving Cistanche is another dish used for replenishing the kidney, invigorating Yang, improving the function of the spleen, tonifying the stomach and loosening constipation. The dish is made with Desertiliving Cistanche 15g, lamb 60g, round grained rice 60g, salt, scallion stalks and fresh ginger.