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Natural Medicine

Since there is a perceived problem, where occasionally products may make people worse when they start using them, I thought it might be worth saying a few words about the differences in approach between the type of medicine you get from the average GP and more natural approaches such as nutrition, herbalism and homeopathy .

Western medicine starts from the premise that Nature has got it all wrong and it is possible to improve on nature. To that end we must manufacture synthetic drugs and devise treatments which Nature has not given us. If these remedies work, they do so by and large, by repressing the body’s natural reaction to disease – steroids, antibiotics and anything else with ‘ anti -‘ in the name tend to do this.
In homotoxicological terms it is not the bacterium or virus which causes disease but toxins, the body’s reaction to those toxins, and its attempts to excrete those toxins. In this way the same bug can cause a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe in various parts of the body, which is what we see. Think about the wide range of reactions there may be a cold virus, for instance, ranging from a mild sore throat (Lymphatic system being stimulated ) to a full blown streaming cold and fever. Normally toxins are dealt with via the liver, kidneys, skin and excreted in faeces, urine, the breath, mucus, saliva and sweat.

Getting the runs, a skin rash, or a fever, is the body’s way of trying to remove toxins which it cannot excrete in the usual ways. It therefore makes sense that any attempt to repress such symptoms will prevent the excretion of those toxins and will be driven deeper into tissues. Thus, medical treatment aimed at removing short – term symptoms may often seem very successful, but this may lead to chronic degenerative diseases later in life, as those toxins which have been driven deep into the tissues express themselves. In homotoxicology this is known as ‘progressive vicariation’ and the last stage of this process is cancer and death.

When you start to use herbs, nutrition or homeopathy to stimulate the previously repressed natural healing processes ( e.g. the body’s own immune system ) to shift these toxins it is very common to see a return of symptoms right back up to the chain of events which led to the chronic disease you are trying to beat. This process is referred to as ‘ regressive vicariation. ‘ Getting additional, more acute symptoms, especially ‘ flu type ‘ symptoms, is very common when you are shifting old disease patterns.
If people know that they may feel worse before they get better and about the return of old symptoms they can then see this as a positive sign rather than as a problem.